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A Place Where Fans Talk about the Greatest Game on Earth
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23rd-Sep-2009 06:39 pm(no subject)
I've just created a community specifically for Chelsea fans. It is in no way a competition community for this one, but rather a place where Chelsea fans can chat with each other about the finer points of the great club. Please join chelsea_fc_1905 if you are interested :).
2nd-Sep-2009 01:54 am - RP FanVid - Cristiano Ronaldo
Tom/Summer <3

European Football
Vidder:fojoaAKA FarahJayden
Cristiano Ronaldo Montage
Song: Boom - POD
Person: Cristiano Ronaldo
Program Used: Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0
Summary: The titles tells you the gist of it. =] MUCH cooler than it sounds. Comments/Ratings preferred over on YouTube but there's no problem commenting here. :)
Video Linkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5FjJyM5VOk

9th-Aug-2009 03:03 pm - R.I.P. Daniel Jarque
Random: Schroeder

Daniel Jarque
1983 - 2009

World Football Mourns Daniel Jarque's Passing

Espanyol and the world of football have been stunned by the death of Daniel Jarque.

A shrine to
Dani Jarque has spontaneously appeared outside Espanyol's new stadium in Cornella-El Prat as supporters of the club and other mourners gathered after the news of his death broke.

Choosing entrance number 21, in honor of the number that the 26 year-old captain wore for the Blanc i Blau, fans laid flowers, scarves, shirts and lit candles.

Jarque died of heart failure while on tour with Espanyol on Sunday and the news has stunned world football and left his family and the Barcelona-based club devastated.

The passing of the central defender had echoes of the death of Sevilla's Antonio Puerta two years ago as Jarque was set to become a father in September. The Sevilla player's partner was also pregnant when he died.

"Sevilla FC, headed by president Jose Maria del Nido, wants to share the pain of the RCD Espanyol family following the death of Daniel Jarque," read a message on the Andalucian club's website.

While a minutes silence was held before Sevilla's friendly, the player they signed from Espanyol this summer, Sergio Sanchez, was unable to play in the second half after hearing the news.

Rufete also left the Blanc i Blau this summer and he was stunned to hear the news about his former team-mate's sudden passing.

"I am shattered," Marca quoted him as saying. "It is very hard to take and has been, is, and will be something that is difficult to work out.

"The best memory I have of him is his smile. He was 26 and I think that he was just beginning to truly enjoy so many things in his life and in his career."

Espanyol's former coach , Ernesto Valverde, led the club to the UEFA Cup Final in 2007 and remembers Dani Jarque as one of the most important players in his squad.

"I have not yet been able to take in the news, I cannot understand it," the new Villarreal boss told AS.

"He was a a super strong player, super healthy and very important in the dressing room, but life can bring cruel surprises. It is very difficult to take in."

While Espanyol have canceled their two scheduled games in Italy and returned home, Jarque's family have flown to Florence while an autopsy on him is carried out.

22nd-Jul-2009 05:14 pm - best rugby tackles
omg, someone emailed me this youtube video this morning. i thought y'all would get a kick out of it!!

best rugby tackles

this put me in the mood to take some people DOWNNNNNNNNN!
28th-Jun-2009 05:41 pm(no subject)
Today's Confederations Cup final demonstrated one of the cardinal rules of sport: play to win until the final whistle blows. Brilliant come-from-behind win for Brazil.
Never thought the States would beat Spain to get to face Brazil in the Confederations Cup finals.

That said, I expect Brazil to win... but if Brazil loses, I'm gonna die laughing.

Of course, the real deal will be to win next year's World Cup.
23rd-Jun-2009 05:51 pm(no subject)
Hey guys! I've read today an article about a previous Brazil victory over Italy by a three-goal margin at http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/timvickery/2009/06/brazil.html  and got much interested in that historical victory. Have you heard about this victory earlier? If you have any links to articles or photos regarding this victory I would be very thankful if you share them here. I think not only me is gonna be curious about this victory.
19th-Jun-2009 12:16 pm - ban the vuvuzela


What do you think? The noise drives me crazy and takes away from th enjoyment of watching the games on TV. Maybe it's fun at the stadium, I don't know. But I think they should be banned.
14th-Jun-2009 01:51 pm(no subject)
deer crown
Is anyone else watching the Spain v NZ Confederations Cup game? Ridiculous goals in under 20 minutes

Russia - Finland: Can Arshavin Once Again Work his Magic?

Arsenal’s Russia international Andrei Arshavin could exit the FTBL Top 23 of best English Premier League players if he loses rating points in the coming World Cup 2010 qualifier against Finland.
Arshavin currently has 160 points, but he will have an incredibly high plank of 51.65 rating points to beat against Finland in order to avoid a slump. Arshavin set such a high plank with his four goals in the 4:4 draw against Liverpool in the Premier League back in April.
Russia will have to win by a large margin and Arshavin once again work his magic by ending the game with at least a hat-trick.

from: http://www.ftbl.com/en-GB/News/News.aspx?newsId=16933&title=Russia--Finland-Can-Arshavin-Once-Again-Work-his-Magic

Alex Ferguson has warned his Manchester United players that the Premier League title race is far from over after predicting that his side 'will drop points' in March and April.

United, who completed stage two of their bid for a clean sweep of five trophies this season by lifting the League Cup at Wembley on Sunday, face Newcastle at St James' Park on Wednesday.

By then Ferguson's men could have seen their lead at the top cut to four points if Chelsea claim victory at Portsmouth on Tuesday, or if Liverpool overcome Sunderland.

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has insisted that his team can still win the league and Ferguson, whose side have difficult fixtures against Liverpool and Aston Villa coming up, admits that the coming weeks will be pivotal in the outcome of the title race.

The Scot said: "I keep saying it and nobody seems to listen, but March and April are the months that decide the league title.

more: http://www.ftbl.com/News/News.aspx?newsId=6567&out=1 

23rd-Feb-2009 12:11 am - Inzaghi’s magic touch


Filippo Inzaghi’s (picture) goal against Werder Bremen allowed the Italian striker to join the Top-23 list of best veteran strikers. Inzaghi earned 13.25 points and is now third on the list with 78.02 points.

But Werder star midfielder Diego, whose goal leveled the game, failed to gain any traction in the rating. Although he still tops the list of best midfielders in the Bundesliga, Diego lost 9.79 points in the game. This happened because on November 16 he opened the score against Koln, earning 21.90 points in the process in a game his team won a decisive 3-1 victory.

16th-Feb-2009 11:31 pm - The Magnificent Seven of Man United

Seven Manchester United players are in the FTBL world Top-23 rating, leading in all categories.

Van der Saar (pictured) leads amongst goalies with a rating of 152.35 points. Nemanja Vidic tops the list of best defenders with a rating of 153.84. Wayne Rooney is best among forwards, with 206.77 points. Finally, the best footballer in the world –he is also the best midfielder at the moment – is Christiano Ronaldo, with 238.23 points.

continue: http://www.ftbl.com/News/News.aspx?newsId=5445

8th-Oct-2008 06:24 pm - England World Cup Remix
Tom/Summer <3
Just some clips I put together of the 2002/2006 World Cup as well as other random games. There's also a good amount of Beckham clips because... he's pretty.
Anyways I figured I'd share. If you have a YouTube account it would be cool if you commented and rated over there. :)

MD - Gael
I just thought that this might be interesting to some people (sorry if it has been posted previously).

A friend of mine with the guidance of a team of experts is currently attempting to go from 23 year old fanatic with average footballing skill to a Premiership footballer in just one year.

He is recording his journey through with regular mini-documentaries, video diaries and blogs on his website at


Here is trailor for his documentary on Youtube:

There is more information on his website and I'm sure he would appreciate any comments, advice and help.
27th-Jun-2008 01:27 pm - trophy ban
Random: Schroeder
 England bans trophies in leagues for youngsters
LONDON (AP) - England has banned young children from playing for league and cup trophies in soccer in a bid to remove pressure from parents and coaches.
22nd-Jun-2008 11:25 pm - Justice
Picton, fjord
Finally. At least one team that deserved the win, did make it into the semi's. Congratulations to Spain!
15th-Jun-2008 05:23 pm - Turkey Vs. Czech Republic
hundred points
I love football.  Seriously.

That is all.
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